What is OneKennel?

With its cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface, OneKennel kennel management software streamlines every aspect of kennel management, from bookings and customer communications to pet profiles and powerful reports. A more specific feature list will be available soon.

Will I be able to transfer data from my current kennel software (e.g. ProPet, Pawfinity, PetExec, etc.)?

Yes. vizslaCORE will make it easy to move your business data to OneKennel. If your current kennel software isn’t supported by our automated transfer assistant, we can help you manually migrate the data.

When will OneKennel be available?

A release date has not been announced, but we are planning a 2024 launch.

How much does OneKennel cost?

Specific pricing is not currently available. However, at launch OneKennel will be available in a range of subscriptions to fit the needs of dog daycare and boarding facilities of any size.

My business has multiple locations, will I be able to sync my customer data between them?

Yes. Since OneKennel is a cloud based kennel management platform, all your data is seamlessly synced between devices. This enables you to share a unified customer database between all your locations while maintaining individual dashboards for each, making it easy to track which dogs are currently checked in at each location.

Will my OneKennel data be available offline?

Yes. Your OneKennel data will be available offline. We believe this is an essential feature for any pet care platform. OneKennel Offline Mode allows you to access the feeding instructions, medication information, and other critical data of the dogs in your care, even during an internet or power outage.*

*Please note that a battery-powered device or a device with a battery backup is required to access data in the event of a power outage.